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Dr. Vokony István

Power Systems and Energy Conversion Group

Associate Professor

e-mail address vokony.istvan-kukac-vik,bme,hu

phone number 463-1111/5415

room V1 building 4th floor 415. (Staff Office)

Publication list

Teaching the following courses during the 2021/22/2 semester

Subject code Course code Subject
BMEGEENAKEM 22-2-E Energy management in every day life
BMEVIVEAV00 2122_2_VIVEAV00_elm Metropolitan Areas and Military Technology – Energy Supply of Critical Infrastructures
BMEVIVEDK01 2122_2_VIVEDK01_gyak2 Research Work 1
BMEVIVEDK04 2122_2_VIVEDK04_gyak1 Research Work 4
BMEVIVEDK08 2122_2_VIVEDK08_gyak1 Research Work 8
BMEVIVEDO01 2122_2_VIVEDO01_gyak2 Teaching Activity 1
BMEVIVEDO04 2122_2_VIVEDO04_gyak1 Teaching Activity 4
BMEVIVEDP01 2122_2_VIVEDP01_gyak2 Publications 1
BMEVIVEDP04 2122_2_VIVEDP04_gyak1 Publications 4
BMEVIVEDP08 2122_2_VIVEDP08_gyak1 Publications 8
BMEVIVEMA01 2122_2_VIVEMA01_elm Power System Operation and Control
BMEVIVEMA01 2122_2_VIVEMA01_gyak Power System Operation and Control