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High Voltage Technology and Equipment Group

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Education and research topics: High voltage and high current technology, Electrical insulation technology, Lightning protection and research, EMC, Electrical heat technology, Electrostatic dangers in the industry, environmentally friendly and environmentally protective technology in electrical engineering, Electrical safety, Building electrification, Lighting of buildings, Electric switching devices and equipment

1. High voltage and high current technology

  • Generation, measurement, and applications of high voltage.
  • Generation, measurement, and application of high currents, current transducers.
  • Electric, magnetic and electromagnetic fields.
  • Inspection of discharges and their physical properties (lightning, electric, and electrostatic discharges).
  • Electromagnetic, thermal, and electrodynamic properties and relations of electrical equipment and equipment parts.
  • Modeling of insulating materials and their physical processes.
  • Stresses of insulators, modeling of insulators, non-destructive diagnostic methods.

2. Environmental protection

  • Industrial electrostatic dangers.
  • Overvoltage and disturbance caused by lightning.
  • Risk analysis, fuzzy logic-based risk assessment, and system diagnostics.
  • Environmentally friendly and protective industrial electrostatic solutions (dust, soot, and drip mitigation; dust spraying, spray painting, spraying).
  • Green electrothermic technologies (induction heating, electric arc furnaces).
  • Electromagnetic environmental protection (low and high-frequency effects, biological effects).

3. Building electrification

  • Reliable and high-quality power supply in buildings (state of the art, uninterrupted, power saving, green and renewable power supply).
  • Building management systems, EMC.
  • Electrical, thermal and mechanical transients appearing during the operation of low and high voltage electric switching devices and equipment (electrical switching arc, contactors).
  • Lighting technology.
  • Lighting sources satisfying electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) requirements.
  • Electrical safety (electric shock protection, psychological effects).
  • State-of-the-art insulating materials and insulators satisfying safety requirements.