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Dr. Ladányi József

Power Systems and Energy Conversion Group

Associate Professor

e-mail address ladanyi.jozsef-kukac-vik,bme,hu

phone number 463-2743

room V1 building 3rd floor 306. (Head of Department’s Office)

Publication list

Course coordinator of the following subjets

Subject code Subject
BMETE80SA13 Electricity Systems, Instrumentation and Control Systems
BMETE80SR35 Electronic Instruments, Networks
BMEVIVEA026 Project Laboratory
BMEVIVEA033 Internship
BMEVIVEA040 Project Laboratory
BMEVIVEA045 Protection
BMEVIVEA338 Project Laboratory
BMEVIVEAL01 Project Laboratory
BMEVIVEAL03 Project Laboratory
BMEVIVEAS00 Internship
BMEVIVEAS01 Internship
BMEVIVEASZ9 Internship
BMEVIVEML02 Project Laboratory 1
BMEVIVEML03 Project Laboratory 2
BMEVIVEMS00 Internship
BMEVIVEMS01 Internship
BMEVIVEMS02 Internship
BMEVIVEMS10 Internship

Teaching the following courses during the 2021/22/2 semester

Subject code Course code Subject
BMEVIVEA011 2122_2_VIVEA011_elm Electrical Power Systems
BMEVIVEA011 2122_2_VIVEA011_gyak1 Electrical Power Systems
BMEVIVEA011 2122_2_VIVEA011_gyak2 Electrical Power Systems
BMEVIVEA011 2122_2_VIVEA011_gyak3 Electrical Power Systems
BMEVIVEA011 2122_2_VIVEA011_lab1 Electrical Power Systems
BMEVIVEA011 2122_2_VIVEA011_lab2 Electrical Power Systems
BMEVIVEA011 2122_2_VIVEA011_lab3 Electrical Power Systems
BMEVIVEA011 2122_2_VIVEA011_vk Electrical Power Systems
BMEVIVEAV01 2122_2_VIVEAV01_elm Future of Energy Systems – Visions and Reality
BMEVIVEMA03 2122_2_VIVEMA03_elm_angol Power System Transients
BMEVIVEMA03 2122_2_VIVEMA03_elm_magyar Power System Transients
BMEVIVEMA03 2122_2_VIVEMA03_gyak1 Power System Transients
BMEVIVEMA03 2122_2_VIVEMA03_gyak2 Power System Transients
BMEVIVEMA03 2122_2_VIVEMA03_gyak_angol Power System Transients