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Dr. Raisz Dávid

Power Systems and Energy Conversion Group

Associate Professor

e-mail address raisz.david-kukac-vik,bme,hu

phone number 463-1111/5311

room V1 building 3rd floor 311. (Staff Office)

Publication list

Course coordinator of the following subjets

Teaching the following courses during the 2022/23/1 semester

Subject code Course code Subject
BMEVIVEA008 2223_1_VIVEA008_elm Power Engineering Applications
BMEVIVEAB01 2223_1_VIVEAB01_vizsgakurzus Power Engineering
BMEVIVEAC00 2223_1_VIVEAC00_elm Electric Power Transmission
BMEVIVEAC00 2223_1_VIVEAC00_elm_angol Electric Power Transmission
BMEVIVEAC00 2223_1_VIVEAC00_gyak Electric Power Transmission
BMEVIVEAC00 2223_1_VIVEAC00_gyak_angol Electric Power Transmission
BMEVIVEBV16 2223_1_VIVEBV16_elm Excel and Matlab in Engineering Practice
BMEVIVEDK03 2223_1_VIVEDK03_gyak6 Research Work 3
BMEVIVEDK03 2223_1_VIVEDK03_gyak7 Research Work 3
BMEVIVEDK04 2223_1_VIVEDK04_gyak2 Research Work 4
BMEVIVEDK05 2223_1_VIVEDK05_gyak4 Research Work 5
BMEVIVEDO03 2223_1_VIVEDO03_gyak6 Teaching Activity 3
BMEVIVEDO03 2223_1_VIVEDO03_gyak7 Teaching Activity 3
BMEVIVEDO04 2223_1_VIVEDO04_gyak2 Teaching Activity 4
BMEVIVEDO05 2223_1_VIVEDO05_gyak4 Teaching Activity 5
BMEVIVEDP03 2223_1_VIVEDP03_gyak6 Publications 3
BMEVIVEDP03 2223_1_VIVEDP03_gyak7 Publications 3
BMEVIVEDP04 2223_1_VIVEDP04_gyak2 Publications 4
BMEVIVEDP05 2223_1_VIVEDP05_gyak4 Publications 5