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For all students: according to the BME Code of Studies ( Section 93(1) " If a student fails to meet rules regarding use of works of another person in whole or in part, the student work will be considered as not assessable and the student will not be allowed to obtain the credit of the concerned subject in the specific term." the project laboratory report of students who fail to follow the basic rules of citation will be declined and the student will be obliged to repeat the given subject. This is true for all Project Laboratory reports and for both Thesis Works as well. Please prepare your reports accordingly. Attached you can find a template of the report to be prepared (the text taken from the Thesis portal report skeleton).


For students at VM Group:
a.) By Sunday 23:59 on the 13th week of the semester you should send a one-page abstract containing the main fndings and the summary of your work to the address The file name should be like this: NAMEofSTUDENT_abstract_subject.docx (eg. John_Smith_abstract_bsc.docx), where the subject name can be bsc (for students who do BSc Project lab), msc1 (for students who do MSc Project lab 1) and msc2 (for students who do MSc Project lab 2), or dt1 (for students who do MSc thesis 1). 
b) By Sunday 23:59 on the 14th week of the semester you should send the 15-20 page report of your work to the same e-mail address ( with the same naming convention, except that the filename should contain "full" instead of "abstract". You don't need to print out the document, electronic submission is enough.
Late submission: you can submit the report until the end of the 15th week but then you have to pay a fee and the "reward" is -1 mark in your final grade, if the documentation does not arrive until Wednesday the 15th week.
c) Presentation of the work: a 10-minute long ppt presentation in small groups (with other fellow students and teachers present) on the Friday of the 15th week. Detailed program of the presentation session will be available at the end of the 14th week. The presentation can not be repeated on any other day of the semester! Please use the attached presentation skeleton.

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