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Power System and Environment Group (4th floor):
During the mid-term your regular work and progress is followed by your supervisor.
In the of the mid-term, you have to give in three documents. Please read carefully the following, submissions are often returned due to incorrect formating, file naming... You have to use the templates below for each of the three documents.
Short, one-page summary of your work that gives a brief outline of the topic and your results. This abstract will appear in the guide of Project Laboratory Conference.
Method of submission: email to List your name, neptun and the subject (BSc, MSc1, Msc2, DT) in the subject of the email. The file should be attached in .docx format with nem firstname_lastname_abstract_SUBJ.docx (lower case letters, without accent), where SUBJ should be replaced with bsc/msc1/msc2/dt1. 
Deadline: Sunday of 13th week, 23:59.
Detailed (15-20 page) documentary about your work, results that have been accomplished.
Method of submission: in similar way to the abstract: by email, the name of the file should be firstname_lastname_full_SUBJ. For details, see point (a). The report does not have to be printed.
Deadline: Sunday of 14th week, 23:59.
Late delivery: for a special fee until the Friday of 15th week. You will get one mark worse if the documentation is not received on the day before the presentations.
10-minute presentation about the work on the Project Lab Conference. It is held on Thursday of 15th week, the program is announced on the 14th week and can be downloaded below.

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